Retford and District Photographic Society’s season continues

by | 10 January 2022 | Group meeting, Hobbies, Worksop

The Retford and District Photographic Society season has continued with interesting and different speakers as well as their second competition. A totally new topic for them was addressed by Andrew Whitton, who discussed photographing music festivals. Everything about them is challenging, from the lighting to the movement and the need to capture the atmosphere to encourage organisers to buy the work. Digital images really help here as it is perfectly possible to produce images for publicity purposes in a very short time.

The Society’s second competition was very well supported and the two images per member limit still produced a great entry of quality images. They were pleased when judge, Vin Scothern, declared himself pleased that he could see seven or eight winners after his overview. Vin is a respected photographer and judge. His work always features in regional exhibitions.

In both colour and monochrome classes he held back seven images from a wide range of subjects. Vin remarked that he rarely sees more than one monochrome nature shot and almost 50% of the entries depicted the natural world in some form. Tom Coulson’s Snow Leopard achieved joint second place in a close run decision. Tom is a new member and the group were pleased to see him doing well.

The programme for the first half of the season is now complete. They hope that COVID will not prevent the second half going ahead in the New Year, with weekly meetings planned until the end of April 2022, but please look at their website for the latest information:

Just go along as a guest if you are interested or contact them via their website and they will look out for you.