Laybo’s Legacy

by | 2 December 2022 | Gainsborough, Local Charity

The organisers of the hugely successful Laybo’s Fest events have founded Laybo’s Legacy – to continue their work which supports local mental health charities, aims to break the stigma of mental illness and celebrates the life of local lad Leighton Hall.

In May 2019 friends and family lost their dear Leighton to suicide. They always thought he loved life, showing that mental illness has no boundaries and can affect anyone, and so they have been working hard over the last three years to organise a series of initiatives celebrating Leighton’s attitude to living life to the full, all directed to continuing to raise funds to help save lives.

The hole that Leighton left in their lives will never be filled, but the joy they gain by getting together, sharing memories with friends and family, by organising events in his memory are so precious – it’s important keep his spirit alive and help break the stigma that surrounds mental health together!

Finding ways to support mental health charities is at the heart of what they do, and Laybo’s Legacy aims to help Gainsborough and the local community to be able to live life to the full, just like Leighton did.

Find out more about their events at and save the date for Laybo’s Fest 2023 on 27th and 28th May at Marshalls Sports Ground in Gainsborough.