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by | 9 November 2023 | Education and Learning, Hobbies, Social Group, U3A, Worksop

One hundred members were held spellbound by well-known novelist, crime writer and ex-Worksop Guardian editor Stephen Booth at a recent meeting of Worksop .

Stephen’s first novel Black Dog was published 20 years ago. He gave a fascinating talk about his characters, plots and settings.

The characters of his books – Ben Cooper and Diane Fry – are young, juniors in their professional lives. Ben and Diane were in their 20s in his first book, Ben a lowly detective constable from a farming family in the Peak District. Diane was from Birmingham and a little naive about country life.

The crime novels are set in a village or in the Peak District, which Stephen felt was ideal for its atmospheric locations and rich history. With the Peak District attracting millions of visitors every year, Stephen is especially interested in the relationship between city and countryside. He has written 21 books between 2000 and 2019.

The next meeting on Thursday 16th November will start with a short AGM at 1.45pm, followed by Fool’s Gold. This is his second visit this year to the u3a, with the meeting bound to go with a story and swing. It is held at the Carlton Civic Centre.

For more information contact Sam on 0300 030960 or visit It is open to all retired or semi-retired residents of Worksop and surrounding area.