Worksop’s Favourite Volunteer Award

by | 5 October 2018 | Community Focus, Worksop

For National Volunteers Week, in our June edition, we asked for you to put forward your nominees for Worksop’s Favourite Volunteer, supported by Ivy Green Floral Design. We were inundated with nominations — it was difficult for us to pick one winner but there was one story that really stood out. Jean Howard has been the leader of the 5th Worksop Methodist Brownies for a number of decades and she encapsulates everything about Girlguiding. She has been described as “an unsung hero who is not appreciated enough”. As a thank you for her dedication, we teamed up with Ivy Green Floral Design to say a special thank you and deliver a ‘thank you’ bouquet.
Jean’s story, along with a selection of some of the other deserving nominees’ stories, are below.

Jean Howard
“Jean has been a leader of the 5th Worksop Methodist Brownies for a number of decades and is now one of the oldest leaders in the area. But age is just a number to Jean as she tirelessly comes up with activities and games to occupy the girls and still takes them on sleepovers and camps.
“Guiding is more than just the couple of hours a week. It’s the time spent contacting parents, creating activities, planning meetings, risk assessments, buying resources, remembering everything, knowing the girls and their intricacies and being lively and fun to keep everyone engaged. Jean encapsulates all that.”

Maureen Smith
“We would like to put Maureen Smith forward to be recognised for her hard work and dedication in volunteering on the Bassetlaw Mind/Harley Foundation at Welbeck collaboration. She arrives before anyone else to prepare, doing the hardest of work and never stops looking for someone to help. Even if they don’t think they need it!
“She has the energy of someone less than half her age. She is generous with sharing her knowledge and has cheeky sense of humour that brightens everyone’s day and our classes are richer for her having joined them.”

Alan Pashley
“We would like to nominate a young man who lives in Worksop in recognition of the voluntary work he does. Alan is 32 years of age and he has volunteered at our local British Heart Foundation shop for over 10 years. Alan has learning difficulties and wears double hearing aids, but he has never let this stop him from giving his time so as to help others.”

Chris Coldwell
“Chris works tirelessly for our local Parkinson’s group. She books speakers for our monthly meetings, arranges outings. Chris is always there for advice or signposts to other agencies. We are lucky to have her involved with our group.”
Alvin Green
“Alvin has been treasurer for the Worksop Local Group of Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust for almost 30 years. That’s commitment!”

Roz Schwarz
“There is also a fantastic volunteer at Idle Valley Nature Reserve by the name Roz Schwarz. She runs the children’s Wildlife Watch Group every month at Idle Valley, volunteers in the shop there, runs the volunteer’s forum and is involved in all sorts of wildlife studies for NWT. She is never still!”

Marlene Hubbard
“Marlene gives her time to support the community by ‘working’ in Limestone House in Creswell on three days every week. Marlene is very hardworking and will be seen in Limestone House on a Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays helping customers in the shops and serving in the café. She never lets us down and is dedicated, dependable and capable. Inexperienced volunteers can count on Marlene’s experience and example and as their mentor.”

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