Warm Spaces in Bassetlaw

by | 10 December 2022 | Community facility, Worksop

Warm Spaces in Bassetlaw, an initiative set up by Bassetlaw Financial Inclusion Forum, are starting to increase in popularity as more and more organisations and venues offer up their spaces to provide warmth and welcome to the local community.
From village halls and libraries, to coffee shops and community groups, there is a large selection of different warm spaces, open to all, to allow local people to access this provision if they want to.

Most warm spaces have no charges or entry fee, and those that do have made the cost as affordable as possible.

Stephen Brown, Chair Bassetlaw Financial Inclusion Forum said: “This year, amid the cost of living crisis and the huge spike in energy bills, many people, particularly the elderly will struggle to afford to turn on their heating. It has been amazing to see how many community groups have stepped up to provide warm spaces across Bassetlaw. The District Council and partners are providing support to these initiatives.”

As well as being a space for you to go and access warmth, Warm Spaces are a fantastic way to make new friends, connect with local people and engage with people from the local community in a safe and welcome space. They run at various days and times by Kilton Forest Golf Club, The Lockside, Morrisons Café, Christ Church, Molly’s Tea Room, Shireoaks Village Hall, The Golden Ball, Now Church Langold, Aurora Centre and The Crossing.

In addition to Warm Spaces, there is also a ‘Bassetlaw Cost of Living’ booklet available both online and offline that contains a huge amount of information about the different types of support available in Bassetlaw.

Find out more at www.bcvs.org.uk/warmspaces and www.bcvs.org.uk/costofliving. To submit a Warm Space please visit www.bcvs.org.uk/warmspacesform.