The Musicality Singers

by | 13 October 2021 | Hobbies, Music, Worksop

After 18 months of not being able to get together, The Musicality Singers held a long-awaited practice on 2nd September – the first of many, hopefully. There was no knowing how many people would turn up on the day, but in the event, about two thirds of the choir were there. They were also joined by a new member, and they will have another four new members. They wish to welcome all.
So, how did it go? Jenni, the choir’s brilliant accompanist, set the ball rolling by getting everyone to do breathing and singing exercises to get lungs and voice boxes operating properly, followed by some tongue twisters to exercise facial muscles and tongues. They were about cups of coffee in copper coffee pots and witches watching which watch. Then it was over to Greg, their esteemed musical director, to get them singing. After some pieces that have been part of their repertoire for a while to get them used to being together again, they moved on to working on a new arrangement. It was a Christmas song. Yes, 2nd September and they’re already getting ready for Christmas! And, to round things off, Chris, their accomplished chairperson, had organised a buffet.
If you’d like to know more about The Musicality Singers, check out their website at: