Operation Christmas Child – Shoebox Appeal 2023

by | 8 October 2023 | Local Charity, Worksop

To all the people of Worksop who contributed to the Shoebox Appeal 2022 – thank you; over 200 shoeboxes were collected and sent from Worksop.

This year’s appeal, like last year’s, comes at a time when families are still struggling with the cost of living and making ends meet. Christmas is a time of year to celebrate love and fellowship – so, if you are able, please consider becoming involved this year’s appeal to bring hope and joy to children who so desperately need it.

Free pre-printed shoeboxes along with a leaflet of what you can and cannot pack in them is available from Worksop Christian Centre, Vicars Walk, Worksop on Monday, Wednesday and Friday between 2.00pm and 5.00pm. The National Collection Week is 13th to 20th November and Worksop Christian Centre is a designated Church Collection point.

A donation of £5.00 per box is requested to cover the cost of administration and onward transportation. This can be made online at www.samaritans-purse.org.uk and don’t forget to print off the barcode receipt to be put in your shoebox(es).

When filling your shoebox with items:

  • Please remove price labels but not safety labels.
  • Do not remove items such as pens and pencils, hair clips and grips or anything that comes in cellophane from its cardboard or wrapping.
  • Please do not include toothpaste, sweets, chocolate, playing cards or items of a religious nature in your shoebox.

Your shoebox to an unknown child somewhere in the world maybe the only gift that he or she receives at Christmas.