New Tickhill Town Trail for children

by | 11 December 2022 | Art, Heritage, Worksop

With the support of the Town Council, The Arts Society Dukeries has created a Trail of Discovery for the town of Tickhill. It is downloadable to a mobile phone, tablet or iPad and has interactive, multiple-choice questions about places of interest.

It was launched with the help of both primary schools in the town. While each small group was waiting to set off on the trail, a wordsearch was given to the children with words connected to the trail. Although the children used paper copies with their teachers and volunteers from the society, QR posters have been placed in several locations around the town to enable local families and visitors to download the trail themselves – and fortunately they were available just in time for the half-term holiday!

The feedback was excellent from both the children and adults. “It was learning,” said one child, “but fun!”