Keeping giving local

by | 23 November 2022 | Local Charity, Worksop

You might be surprised to know that there are over 500 local charities and community groups in Bassetlaw. Each offering their community or interest group, like sports clubs, day care centres or after school activities, essential facilities and often life-saving services.

So many people rely on local charities in ways they might not even realise and sadly many have been forced to close due to the reduction in local council funds for the voluntary sector.

Interestingly, the average UK adult gives £150 annually to charity (of course some give £10 and others give £10,000) and that means for the Bassetlaw area with a population of over 118,300 people, there is more than £17 million donated to charity every year. Often this ends up in London with big national charities.

Many people want to give locally but don’t know who to give to. This is where Nottinghamshire Community Foundation can help. A charity serving the whole of the county, they distribute local legacies, tribute and charitable funds to local community groups and charities in each neighbourhood. They want to ensure your generosity goes to the right people for the right reasons.

According to the donor’s wishes, they administer their funds (sometimes anonymously) to their chosen theme and area, like ‘young people in Retford’. They advise clients for free on where the greatest need is and which groups are fully assessed for their legal, financial, safeguarding and operational excellence. They minimise risk and maximise benefit.

Several local charities would be thrown a lifeline with a donation of £5,000 or even £500. It can make a huge difference to the services they can provide, while may be seen as just a drop in the ocean by the big national charities.

So please spread the words ‘Give Local’ and talk to Nottinghamshire Community Foundation for free advice.

They already deliver over 45 funds for local people and have given small grants to many wonderful groups like: Thoresby Colliery Welfare Band, Sutton Cum Lound Village Hall, Wiseton Cricket Club, St Saviours Community Centre and there are many more which deserve support.

Email for free advice on identifying a local cause, charity or community group to donate to, or visit

If you wish to receive a grant for your group, you can apply to any of the funds on Nottinghamshire Community Fund’s website which cover your criteria.