Do something different, join a brass band

by | 14 September 2017 | Community Focus, Music, Rotherham, Worksop

Do you need a challenge or fancy a new hobby? Then consider joining Thurcroft Brass Band, which is hoping to establish a training band for adults.

Brass bands have long been associated with the mining industry and were particularly prevalent in this area due to its long history of mining. When the pits closed, the brass bands did not go away. Many are still in existence in this area and you can become part of that musical heritage.

What do brass bands do? In a typical year, they play at a variety of concerts including galas, garden parties, birthday parties, community concerts, Christmas celebrations and charity fundraising events.

And then there is competition time. Every year many brass bands compete against each other to determine which is the best band. Bands are ranked and placed in sections depending on the result obtained. It is hard to describe the feeling of joy when successful.

If you have played a brass instrument in the past or have played another instrument Thurcroft Brass Band would love to see you. Or maybe you are a complete beginner to music. Whatever way, other players will help you by giving you confidence to play again, transfer to brass or start from scratch.

Thurcroft Brass Band has a number of players in the senior band who have already done this successfully. Sheila Hancocks is one of those players. She said: “I played the flute as a child and like many gave up when I left school. I never touched a brass instrument until I decided at the age of 52 that I needed a new hobby. I was met with nothing but help and friendship and before long I was totally hooked into banding. Anyone who has ever played in a band will tell you how much enjoyment is gained from playing together with others. We don’t care who you are, young or old. Just come to us and make good music in a friendly and supportive environment.”

The purpose of the training band is to prepare you for playing in the senior band. When you are ready you will be encouraged to move into the main band. What music does the band play? A little bit of everything. In truth, it plays whatever is required. This ranges from light classical to jazz and swing music and themes from the shows and films.
Why not give Thurcroft Brass Band a try? It has a number of loan instruments which you can borrow free of charge so you do not need an instrument and you will only be asked for a small subscription to cover the band’s costs.

Find out more about the band at If you are interested contact musical director Matthew Wright on 07821 33113 or Sheila Hancocks on 01909 732856 or email