A Yarn Tree Christmas decoration

by | 2 December 2023 | Hobbies, Worksop

You will need

  • Strong cardboard – a cereal packet is fine
  • White paper or white acrylic paint#
  • Double sided sticky tape
  • Glue
  • Green and red wool ( or yarn of your choice)
  • Sequins, beads or flat craft pearl embellishments


  • Cut a triangle (eg 10cm) with 2 sides the same length
  • Glue both sides with white paper or paint with acrylic paint and leave to dry
  • Stick pieces of double sided tape on both sides of the tree.
  • Starting at the bottom, wrap the green yarn around the tree, peeling back the sticky tape so the wool sticks to it. Leave some gaps so the white shows through. Secure with a blob of glue at the top and a sequin or flat pearl.
  • Take the red yarn and wrap around the tree at slightly different angle to the green wool and again secure at the top. Add another yarn if you have it
  • Decorate the tree with embellishments securing them with a dot of glue.

Fantastic craft ideas by Dadesley Crafting CIC

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