A safe place to turn to at Project 7

by | 12 October 2017 | Community Focus, Worksop

Worksop residents, who find themselves in extremely difficult situations, can turn to a ‘safe place’ in the town thanks to ‘7 Project’.

The project, which is based in its own premises at the Gospel Hall, 14 Church Walk, Worksop S80 2EJ, was formed in 2012 to help individuals who are often marginalised through, for example, drug and alcohol addictions, spiralling debt, prolific offending, poor mental health and homelessness.

At ‘7 Project’ trained volunteers intend to provide a warm welcome to all who visit. The project is currently open weekly on Tuesdays (10.00am to 2.00pm) but, with increasing numbers and resources, intends to open more frequently to provide a service for the increasing numbers of clients and help meet their needs. The project is able to provide refreshments and lunch to these people who, ordinarily, would not get a square meal.

Trained volunteers come alongside the clients and support them by booking and attending appointments with probation services; benefits offices; drug and alcohol referral services and local GP clinics, for example.

7 Project Leader Shaun Cummings said, “I have, over many years, worked with vulnerable adults and children. For the last eight years, I have worked in and around the Worksop area building close links with this client group in order to have a clearer understanding of their individual needs.

“I have undertaken many relevant training courses, including those with a bias towards vulnerable adults and children; mental health and substance misuse.

“We have also forged strong links in Worksop between local health services; the local job centre (with regards to benefits); hospital; local drug and alcohol workers; probation services; the police; local prisons; the local council (especially housing); to provide a holistic approach in supporting clients. We also work closely with Christian residential rehabilitation units for both men and women around the UK who offer extremely successful recovery programmes which enable people, who are trapped in life controlling addictions, to break free of them.”

The 7 Project’s community drop-in has an ‘open door’ policy to all, and volunteers strive to work with clients to provide a constructive sign-posting service to give a positive direction in their lives. This is in line with current proposals from the government and health services.

Everyone who works with the project intends to mentor and support its clients, sign-posting them as necessary, to other, appropriate local agencies in order to help break the cycle of addiction and subsequent reoffending. This will reduce the overall crime levels in the local community. Clients are also encouraged to gain basic numeracy and literacy qualifications.

Shower and washing facilities are provided, as well as clothes so that the clients can learn to look after themselves and begin to live independent lives as members of the local community. This also provides them with basic levels of dignity which, for some, has sadly become lacking as a result of their difficulties.

If you would like to find out more about the 7 Project please contact Shaun Cummings (7 Project Leader) on 07923 109652, email: support@7project.co.uk or visit www.7project.co.uk.