Pathways Carer Support Service

by | 11 October 2018 | Local Charity, Support Group

Carers Trust East Midlands is a charity that provides a range of support services to unpaid carers across Nottinghamshire. As a charity, with over 35 years’ experience, they care for people not for profit.

Their Pathways Carer Support Service supports carers who are looking after a loved one, family member or friend within the last six months of life, any diagnosis, within the Nottinghamshire area including Bassetlaw. This service is fully funded by Nottinghamshire County Council and the NHS, so there are no costs in receiving support from the service.

As we are all aware, when a carer is caring for someone near the end of their life it can be extremely emotional, demanding and stressful. The trust can help by providing practical, social and emotional care and support when this is needed the most, up to bereavement and a short while afterwards.
On offer is:

  • Short occasional respite breaks (up to four hours a week)
  • The opportunity for the carer to talk to someone about their worries, concerns and feelings to help identify coping strategies
  • Help to prepare emotionally, spiritually and practically for bereavement
  • Support in accessing information, advice and signposting
  • Practical help — housing, financial, employment and legal matters, social and cultural activities

The service aims to:

  • Enpower the carer, enhancing their caring skills and confidence
  • Reduce carer stress and the inability to cope
  • Support the carer’s mental well-being, avoid or minimise carer crisis
  • Reduce isolation
  • Allow carers to have a life of their own alongside their caring role
  • Provide independence and personal dignity for people approaching the end of life

For more information, please call 0115 824 8824, email or visit