Bassetlaw Cardiac Support Group

by | 5 December 2019 | Support Group

David Bean, a Street Pastor and ordained Anglican Minister, was the guest speaker at the meeting of Bassetlaw Cardiac Support Group on Friday 1st November at Retford Hospital. In 2003 in Brixton, a caring West Indian man believed that faith-based volunteers would make a huge difference to the growing, violent, and often knife based, street crime. The initial 15 women and three men quickly grew in numbers to many thousands, from all walks of life, working at night time in our towns and cities. Non-judgemental, they would listen, care and serve the wellbeing of customers of the night time economy. They made friends with the police, doormen and bouncers and were a valuable source of assistance and friendliness.

In 2009 Bassetlaw was the 50th area to adopt the system, with much success. The system still operates in Retford. A very interesting talk.

Group members will enjoy a Christmas lunch on 9th December at 3.00pm at The Shireoaks Inn. At the first meeting of 2020 David Seymour will talk to members about Bassetlaw’s Florence Nightingale. This meeting will be held at Retford Hospital on Friday 3rd January at 2.00pm and members would love you to join them.
For further information call Pat Broskom on 01909 562361.