Retford Bowling Green

by | 1 November 2019 | Hobbies, Sports Club

The festive season is well and truly over, but one or two things will linger long in the memory for Retford Bowling Green members. The Christmas Party was well attended, with the usual mix of food, drink, some games and an obligatory quiz and I can give you a little snippet from that — Question — Beginning with C what is the newest city in England? From somewhere I did catch the suggestion that it might be Cleethorpes. Now I will admit that with the optimum amount of alcohol inside you Cleethorpes — City of Dreams might just have a romantic ring to it, but to be truthful and stone-cold sober Cleethorpes — City of Fish and Chips would probably be a more accurate description. Fortunately, it wasn’t Cleethorpes after all, it was Chelmsford.

The New Year’s Eve party was equally successful with a similar activity-based evening being well received and since the new year a regular diet of games and social afternoon and evenings have kept members in touch as they await the new bowling season.