The Dukeries Singers

by | 12 October 2021 | Hobbies, Music, Sherwood

The Dukeries Singers are now fully into the swing of rehearsals at their new venue, The Ollerton Methodist Church. The rehearsals are carefully organised so that they are as COVID-secure as possible.
Their new members have been warmly welcomed but it’s never too late to join. They take new singers at all times of the year.
The choir rehearsal list is full of Christmas music already, and they have a new non-Christmas piece which they know their audience will really love and want to sing along with! If you would like to try and guess who composed and performed this originally, think of a band whose name is composed of the first letter of each singer’s name.
For more information about joining or booking the choir, you can call their bookings secretary Margaret on 01623 642464 or 07896 491314 or email them on They are also on Facebook and YouTube if you want to check them out.