Local author launches latest novel

by | 13 October 2017 | Community Focus, Hobbies, Notice, Sherwood

Local author Sylvia Pink would like to say a big thank you to all her readers who took the trouble to contact her and say how much they enjoyed her first Caroline Mayville mystery, ‘Caroline Mayville secretly psychic detective’. The second book in the series was released on 31st August and is called ‘Not another body’. Full of gentle humour and village life, despite its title, this book continues the Caroline Mayville story.

To give you a flavour: Aunt May has died and left the manor to Bob, Caro’s husband, who plans to turn it into sheltered apartments. During preparatory building works a body is found under the Dahlia bed. It proves to be that of a young man in British World War II army uniform but wearing American dog tags! Caro sets out to try to discover who committed the murder and wonders if it is connected to the German World War II spy ring she found out about the year before, when she was trying to discover the whereabouts of Squadron Leader Parkes’ body.

Bob just hopes his aunt, who was famous for her temper, hasn’t committed the deed. How do you sell apartments in what one possible resident calls a cemetery? Then there is the possibility of another body — problems indeed!
This book will be available from Amazon and most good book shops. Quoting the ISBN no. 978-1-7871054-5-4 will enable them to order it for you if it is not in stock, or contact Austin Macauley, who are the publishers. The retail price is £6.99.