Isn’t it about time Fracking was banned?

by | 5 November 2019 | Group meeting, Notice, Sherwood

The recent 128 seismic events at Preston New Road indicate that there is a problem with fracking and induced seismicity. The Oil and Gas Authority have now suspended all hydraulic fracturing operations there and stated that they will remain suspended whilst they gather data and analyse results.

Cuadrilla dismissed earlier events as being micro-seismic events and stated the effect felt would be similar to dropping a bag of shopping. However after the 2.9m event there were many reports of damage to houses and property over a wide area.

Drilling at Tinker Lane, Misson Springs and now at West Newport have all ceased suddenly. The rigs and equipment dismantled and removed with no real explanation. Many believed that the statement: “large gas deposits or oil reserves have been found,” is a ploy to keep investors interested, as we found at Tinker Lane. There are currently no active fracking sites in the Midlands and Tinker Lane is now being restored to farmland.

Recent studies reported that previous projections of the potential amount of shale gas under the UK may have been significantly overestimated. Instead of 50 years of gas at the recent consumption rate, new research suggests there is just five to seven years supply.

Ian Duncan, the UK’s Minister for Climate Change boasts of our achievements and ambitions to become one of the cleanest and most innovative energy systems in the world. However, it is difficult to see how he hopes to realise his longer-term targets of net-zero emissions economy, whilst pursuing fracking as a transitional fuel, even in 30 years. The detrimental effect fracking has on climate change, water usage, transport issues and potential contamination are all well documented.

However, rather than declaring at least a moratorium on fracking the government persists in favouring it whereas all other political parties have declared that they would impose a ban.

Boris Johnson has appointed a number of people such as Theresa Villiers, Andrea Leadsom and Robert Jenrick, all of whom have expressed their support of fracking. Jenrick will now be responsible for deciding whether to overturn the refusals of planning permission for shale gas sites in south Yorkshire and Cheshire and we await those decisions with interest.

There are 40 marginal seats which are affected by fracking and could make all the difference to the outcome in the event of a General Election. If the Government does not change its position and ban fracking it could be their downfall.
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Pauline Meechan
Frack Free Sherwood Forest and Edwinstowe