Get outside your cave in Edwinstowe!

by | 7 November 2017 | Sherwood, Uncategorised

Anxiety is debilitating. Fact! It affects so many people from all different age groups and all different walks of life. Anxiety doesn’t discriminate, it can come from nowhere and leave people feeling isolated, afraid and unable to function in their daily lives.

Outside the Cave (OTC) is an exciting new non-profit organisation in Edwinstowe that aims to help empower people to overcome anxiety and other conditions that prevent people living full and happy lives. Tracey and Sara believe that emotional and mental health are just as important as physical wellbeing and teach new skills and strategies that develop self-confidence and emotional resilience.

OTC runs a range of workshops and classes with something to suit everyone. As teachers, Tracey and Sara were inspired to start the project by the shocking increase in numbers of young people diagnosed with anxiety each year. Kids’ yoga and mindfulness practice help cultivate calmness, creativity and positive emotions as well as support co-ordination and improve motor skills. Sessions include stories, fun mindful activities and lots of yoga and they are run at several different times, after school and weekends. The younger mindfulness practice is implemented, the more emotionally resilient children become and the less likely they are to suffer from anxiety or similar conditions.

Yoga is not just for the kids either. Outside the Cave has several adults’ beginner yoga sessions as well as gentle yoga for those struggling a bit more with mobility. This is particularly popular with people suffering from fibromyalgia and certain types of arthritis, as the gentle options put less stress on the joints. There is also a Fibromyalgia Support Group running at the centre for people living with chronic pain conditions and the project is also lucky enough to have a holistic massage therapist onsite as well as an acupuncture specialist.

The nine-week ‘Introduction to Mindfulness’ course explores how we have adopted certain though patterns and habits throughout our lives and helps us to apply techniques that enable us to change some of these patterns so we can enjoy and truly appreciate living in the present moment. Why not move on to ‘Advanced Mindfulness’ and even become a ‘Mindful Mentor’ helping others experience the benefits of mindfulness?

Engaging with nature enhances our physical and emotional wellbeing, so Outside the Cave also has a community allotment where you can experience the delights of growing healthy produce that you can share with family and friends. Throughout the winter months there are various workshops running including the ever-popular Christmas Wreath Making. Most hobbies and crafts increase our wellbeing. If you have a skill you’d like to share with others contact Tracey and Sara about putting on a workshop yourself at their centre in Edwinstowe.

Please check out the Facebook pages @outsidethecave or @outsidethecavegardening to find out more about the project and read some customer reviews. You are also welcome to visit the centre at Sherwood House, Ollerton Road, Edwinstowe NG21 9QE.
01623 822428
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