St James Church sprinkles stardust

by | 5 December 2018 | Community Focus, Rotherham

The children were practising the nativity play in readiness for the service on Christmas Day, at St James Church Braithwell, when James glanced through the church window and noticed what looked like a star, falling to earth.
“Why have you landed here in Braithwell and what is your name?” Mrs Godfrey asked the star.

“My name is Twinkle and I have lost my shine. All my friends shine bright at night, except me. They are tired of bumping into me because I’m dark. They sometimes have to seek medical help for the injuries I cause them. So you can understand the Council of Stars ordering me down to earth, and told me clearly, not to come back until my shine returns.”

Mrs Godfrey decided Harry’s idea to take Twinkle home to meet Harry’s dad, an engineer was the most sensible idea. The next morning Harry returned with Twinkle. Harry’s dad tried his hardest, but could not find Twinkle’s shine. Sophie said her dad was an electrician and was sure he would find Twinkle’s shine. The next day Sophie arrived back at Sunday school for rehearsals, but she also had no luck. Sophie’s dad could not find Twinkle’s shine. Jacob said his dad was a doctor and he was sure he would find Twinkle’s shine. Jacob arrived at rehearsals the following day with the same result as Harry and Sophie. Twinkle still had no shine.

“I know,” said Carol the PPC Secretary at the Church. “There is an agent to the stars just moved into Braithwell, his name is Simon Cowell. He lives down the lane next to the X Factory, called Audition Lane. My friend says he has helped many a fading star to shine again.”

The following day, Harry, Sophie, Jacob and Mrs Godfrey knocked on Simon Cowell’s door. He listened to their story, although he had a busy schedule Simon said he would help. He first searched for a book, eventually finding it in the bottom draw of the office desk. Sophie noticed the title, ‘How to make a fading star shine again’ By Louis Walsh. Simon followed the instructions and placed Twinkle in an old shoebox, adding some stardust, and then repeated the words: “Dull you are, dull shall not be, shining star, shine for me”.

When Simon opened the box, there stood Twinkle, so bright, sunglasses were needed. Twinkle was excited at the thoughts of seeing his fellow stars again. Sophie thanked Simon for making Twinkle shine again, and Mrs Godfrey extended her thanks by inviting Simon to St James Church to watch the nativity play on Christmas Eve. She also extended the invitation to Twinkle, but was unsure where to seat him. Twinkle told her not to worry, he had a great idea, which would involve him participating in the play, and this would be his opportunity to say thank you for the help in finding his shine.

The Three Wise men, Mr Brown, Mr Crowe and Mr Parkin, rang the church bells to welcome the congregation as they entered the church, to watch the children perform the nativity play. And as promised, directly above St James Church, Twinkle the star shone brightly to enhance the performance of the enactment of the birth of baby Jesus.

A short story by Peter A Dunstan