Sitwell Rotary are looking for new members

by | 1 June 2017 | Community Focus, Rotary, Rotherham

Would you like to get a little more involved with your community? Maybe have some involvement in helping people less fortunate than you in your community to develop and live? Joining Rotary can help you to do this from a charity perspective. Rotary Clubs work with other charities in the area and works with schools and other organisations that are making a difference.

Do you want to find friends with similar interests such as contributing to your community to help everyone enjoy the place they live? Then joining Rotary could be for you. The Rotary Motto is ‘Service above self’.

Rotherham Sitwell Rotary Club is looking for like-minded people to join them and help them work towards helping the community they live in to become a more positive place to live, work and enjoy with their families.

Rotary is the eighth largest charity in the world; there is a network of Rotary clubs across the UK and the world, all trying to make where they live a more positive place for all. You don’t have to have a lot of time to give, as little or as much as you can, that suits your circumstances.

Rotherham Sitwell Rotary Club meets on a Thursday at 7.00pm at Carlton Park Hotel, Moorgate Road. If you would like to find out what it means to be a member of the club please contact Melanie at or visit