Rotherham Harriers’ KMR Race Series

by | 2 July 2017 | Rotherham, Sports Club

The KMR Race Series of twelve races is now well under way, the host clubs having organised one race each.
Starting with the Bassingthorpe cross-country race (Rotherham HAC) and then the old classic Memorial Race based near Roche Abbey (Maltby RC) and Kimberworth ‘Kimmy Kanter’ trail race — a success, as usual, despite poor weather this year.

Whilst there have been some impressive performances already, it’s a bit of a ‘phoney war’ as there are no clear leaders yet, and there is still plenty of time to get the qualifying eight races in — even for those who have not yet started! We are almost in high summer and the series is a delight — 7.00pm or later starts in mid-week and social afterwards in the evening sun (we hope). Needless to say, the early — and late — season races are morning events at weekend.

By the publication date of this issue of ‘Rotherham Life’ Rotherham’s ‘Ulley Res’ race (KMR-4 on Wednesday 21st June) will have taken place at Whiston Cricket Ground. Ulley Res is a five-mile out-and-back trail race using rights of way and discretionary footpaths through Upper Whiston and around part of Ulley Reservoir. It may be just too late for KMR#5 (Wednesday 5th July) which is the Abbey Dash at Maltby (abbey and fields into Hooton Levitt) which would make the next series race the Milton Arms race at Greasbrough, KMR#6 on 19th July (7.15pm start).

The Milton race (KMR-6, formerly Prince in the Park) has been held for 10 years inside Wentworth Park but this year for a number of reasons, host club, Rotherham, are venturing into the local community and the accurate 5k road race will be held in Rockingham, featuring an uphill start on Ochre Dike with a tour of the urban environment. Details of this race are on the series’ website.

That will be the half-way point of the series and competition will be in earnest for the category honours and awards. These are in five-year groups (male junior, senior, over 40, 45 etc, female junior, senior, over 35, 40, etc — all the way up to the oldest qualifier), and are based on head-to-head performances. Will we ever see over-80? The races are tremendous value at £5 a time: interesting well-organised events, good friendly competition, a bite to eat with your drink afterwards. They are individual events brought together into a series — all fairly short (four to seven miles typical) and a lot of runners don’t even try to run a qualifying eight. In fact, the series can be won with fewer than eight races — the absolute minimum is five.

The series was devised in part with newer runners in mind, and each event is highly suitable for newcomers to the sport. If you cannot make many races, it is well worth turning out in one or two to try the competitive environment and find just how enjoyable it can be. And it’s good for you. Try the full eight next year perhaps?
Series rules are available at as is a compilation of venues and results so far.

The remaining races from July onwards are:

  • KMR-5 — Roche Abbey Dash 05/07/2017 (MRC) at Maltby
  • KMR-6 — Milton 5km 19/07/2017 (RHAC) at Greasbrough
  • KMR-7 — Butchers Dog Leg 03/08/2017 (MRC) at Braithwell
  • KMR-8 — Toffee Run 17/08/2017 (KS) at Elsecar
  • KMR-9 — Wickersley Chase 30/09/2017 (RHAC) at Wickersley
  • KMR-10 — Canal Race 05/11/2017 (KS) at Rotherham
  • KMR-11 — Santas Special 17/12/2017 (KS) at Droppingwell
  • KMR-12 — Braithwell Boxing Day Race 26/12/2017 (MRC) at Braithwell.