Put a little fun into life

by | 8 December 2017 | Education and Learning, Hobbies, Rotherham, U3A

What is Rummikub? I quickly found out when I visited the U3A Games group last week. Almost as I entered, a friendly ‘gamer’ invited me to join her and two companions to try my hand at this fascinating game, which at first sight looks like a numerical version of Scrabble.

Three games later, having painlessly absorbed the rules, I was eager to try the equally fascinating Tri-onimos, an ingenious variation of dominos using triangular tiles numbered at each corner. The afternoon flew past; intense concentration interspersed with laughter and talk.

At other tables were groups playing Canasta, Rummy or Whist. A multitude of other games awaited another occasion. Friendly rivalry and enjoyment was the order of the day. It was a brilliant mental workout; two hours of pure fun. To find out more about the group contact Sheila Hawksworth on 01709 542475.

‘Singing for Fun’ invites anyone who enjoys a good sing-along to come and experience the joys of singing together. No matter if your vocal talents are less-than-good, the keyword is ‘fun’. The group’s repertoire embraces music hall to musicals, popular to inspirational and everything in-between. Singing is good physical and mental exercise; relieves stress and makes you feel good. Forget any cares and worries, let yourself go and have a real good sing at this group. For more details call Denise Young on 01709 306550.

Less exuberant, but none-the-less creative and satisfying are the indoor activities of the Gardening group. On 15th December the theme is Christmas decorations and caring for Christmas pot plants. Learn hands-on how to make Christmas table and other decorations, to enhance your own home, or to give as gifts. Materials will be provided. You can bring your own pots and oasis or buy them at the meeting. Contact Martin Ford on 01709 324672 to find out more.
Rotherham U3A offers 33 different ‘fun’ activities. Find out more about them at www.u3asites.org/rotherham or contact Tricia Macredie on 01709 370899.