Disabled user-led groups in Rotherham speak

by | 28 August 2017 | Rotherham, Support Group

Volunteers from various disabled user led groups from all over Rotherham met on Wednesday 28th June at Springwell Gardens Community Centre to discuss ways to work together to share information, improve communication and lobby statutory authorities to deliver on their Duty of Care for the Disabled. Over 30 people attended the meeting, chaired by Derek Yeardley from Focus Disabled. There were some excellent discussions — everyone described the work they undertook in their local areas, their concerns and issues. The cuts in services for disabled was something keenly felt by many in the room. Real frustration was expressed that there was no single point of contact for disabled people at Rotherham Council.

Communication was a key issue for many who attended. Real interest was expressed in developing a newsletter for the disabled community. Everyone was interested in working together and meeting again. It was agreed a small group plan the next meeting and suggest ways forward for the network.

Steve Ruffle from Rotherham Federation of Communities said: “There is a real strength in the disabled community working together and supporting one another and Rotherham Federation would help get things started for such a network.”

More details of the network are available from Steve on 01709 368515 or email info@rotherfed.org.