Wild Willy Barrett is back!

by | 5 October 2017 | Music, Retford

Cafe in Paris? Hoolie in Dublin? Night out in New Orleans with fiddle and banjo? You get all this with the Wild Willy Barrett French Connection. The former Godfather of Grunge Folk has a mixture of guitar, cello, Irish pipes and banjo — it’s all there and there is nothing like them!

A highly respected musician, Willy’s styles include folk, gypsy jazz, reggae, Bluegrass and punk. The French Connection shows a gentler style of Willy and now features Aurora Coulson who adds the French touch to the act. There have been many requests for his return — well here he is!

Come along and enjoy a rip-roaring evening with Willy, Mary on cello, John a master of the Uillean Pipes — he has played in the presence of the Queen — and Aurora — The French Connection. They will be at Headon Village Hall on Friday 13th October, starting at 7.30pm. Tickets are £12.00/£10.00 concession, and can be obtained, as usual, from Dave Burton on 01777 248085 or jimsdad7@btinternet.com.