Wheatley Family and Local History Society

by | 10 October 2019 | Gainsborough, Heritage, Hobbies, Retford

At their meeting on Monday 20th May, the Wheatley Family and Local History Society welcomed John Taylor, a professional historian and researcher for English Heritage and other organisations. His talk on Bolsover Castle, its occupants, and connections, was extensive and detailed. The first building on the site was commenced in 1086/7 and has seen many changes over the 900 plus years since then.

John produced an audio visual display which covered the various periods of construction, the occupants and their connections far and wide. The links to other local and overseas houses and castles were explained. There were Kings and Queens from Henry II and his son John, through to George IV, the Cavendish family, Wootton family, even Rubens and many more. Hardwick, Welbeck, Trafalgar Square, Woollerton, and Court of Savoy all got a mention amongst others. The recurring theme around the passion for horses, their breeding and indoor riding schools which were a feature of Bolsover and other stately houses, was evident throughout. Then there was an illustrated tour of Bolsover as it is today with its painted walls and decorated vaulted ceilings, that could not fail to attract those who have not visited to do so. There was so much information and so many names that these notes just scratch the surface of the knowledge that John imparted upon us.

Please note the advance notice of the next speaker, Monday 15th July at 10.00am, entitled ‘A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Crematorium’, with Jane Price, which will be ‘A light-hearted look at a serious subject’. For more details of their meetings and activities, call Dave on 01427 880934 or on Alan 01427 884147.