Vital Stepping Stones group

by | 9 November 2017 | Gainsborough, Retford, Support Group

The Friends of Parkinson’s Gainsborough newly named ‘Vital Stepping Stones’ group, is a health and wellbeing project to not only help those with a neurological condition — such as MS or Parkinson’s — but to those that are in need of treatment of disease.

A lovely Support and Exercise group is held every Tuesday from 11.00am to 12.30pm in Morton Village Hall, Morton, Gainsborough. No matter what your age, you can take control, slow down the progression and improve your confidence.

Come along and learn new skills, enjoy a cuppa, take part in regular lunch outings and enjoy valuable friendships that gives you an all-round support and lift whether you are the client or carer. You are not alone, the Vital Stepping Stones team is here to help — they are Liz Clews Specialist Health Instructor, Julie Slegg Voluntary Occupational Therapist and Val Hembry Voluntary Assistant.

Friends of Parkinson’s Gainsborough also offer a unique One to One Exercise Referral Scheme. You can get a free tailored programme bespoke to your needs in your own home, designed to help you run smoothly and be more efficient to enjoy life to the full. This has been possible through local grants and fundraising by organisations including: Gainsborough Golf Club, WI Choir, Little Prayer Group, Family Donations, Gainsborough Lions, Rotary Club, Thonock Trust West Lindsey District Council and Gainsborough Town Council. Without this the support group couldn’t have been set up.

Please email or call Liz Clews for any help or guidance for yourself or somebody you know that would benefit from support on 07751 964832 or