The secret to the heart beat of your local community

by | 7 October 2019 | Notice, Retford, Sherwood, Support Group, Worksop

Within your local community there are a group of dedicated volunteers whose aim is to keep you moving, promote and support independence and reduce social isolation. Whether you need to get to a medical appointment, need a lift to see a friend or family member, need access to a wheelchair accessible vehicle or attend a community event, your local community transport scheme or voluntary car service are there to offer a helping hand.

The majority of community transport and car schemes are run by a team of volunteers, that’s everyone from the office staff to the drivers out on the road. Finding volunteers is one of the biggest challenges faced by some local groups. Do you think you could spare a few hours a week to help your local scheme?

Community transport is so much more then people catching a bus or getting a lift to the doctors. For many service users having access to their local community transport scheme gives them the confidence and support they need to remain independent and self-reliant. Currently 10% of the population who are over 65 are suffering from social isolation, this is something that by working together we could help reduce.

Across Nottinghamshire there are several schemes, here are just a handful:

  • Bassetlaw Action Group
  • Collingham and District Care
  • Community Transport For Town and City
  • Dial A Trip (Tuxford)
  • Eastwood Volunteer Bureau
  • Newark and Sherwood CVS
  • Nottingham Community Transport
  • Ravenshead Community Transport
  • Rushcliffe Community Voluntary Service
  • Soar Valley Bus
  • The Helpful Bureau

If you would like to find out where your closest scheme is visit the Nottinghamshire County Council website,