The 500th anniversary of The Reformation

by | 7 October 2017 | Heritage, Music, Retford

On Saturday 14th October, a Saturday Workshop for musicians will take place in St Saviour’s Church, Welham Road, Retford, DN22 6QW. Between 9.30am and 5.30pm Andy Watts, of The Carnival Band, will help participants explore the musical heritage of Martin Luther and the Reformation, and ways in which it developed in England, particularly the West Gallery music as performed today by Maddy Prior and the Carnival Band.

The number of places for singers and instrumentalists is limited to 50 (£10.00 including lunch). Places can be booked at — search for Luther 500 Applications — or

The workshop will be followed by A Reformation 500 Commemoration Service at 7.00pm in St Saviour’s Church to which everyone is invited. The music and songs rehearsed during the day will be included and the preacher will be the Reverend Paulina Hlawiczka, the Pastor of Trinity Lutheran Church, Nottingham.

On 31st October, all round the world, people are marking the 500th anniversary of Martin Luther posting his 95 theses on the door of the castle chapel in the German town of Wittenberg — an event that has become known as the starting point of the Reformation. Luther, an Augustinian monk, taught Biblical theology in Wittenberg’s new university.

In this anniversary year Roman Catholics and Protestants are joining together to commemorate 500 years of continuing reform. All over the UK, and across the world, there are an enormous variety of events. In Retford, the Churches are inviting people to consider how the Reformation prompted by Martin Luther gave church music back to the people.

Bassetlaw Christian Heritage is also organising another Pilgrims Festival, which starts on Saturday and Sunday 18th and 19th November with a Pilgrims inspired Art Exhibition at Babworth, followed by a range of events in Austerfield and Bawtry on Sunday 19th November; Retford on Tuesday 21st November; and Gainsborough on Wednesday 22nd November. A Thanksgiving Day Dinner is planned at Spencer’s on the Square in Retford on Thursday 23rd November and a concert by Doncaster Waites at Scrooby Village Hall on Friday 24th November. The Christmas Tree Festival at St Swithun’s and the Star Festival at the Grove will start on Saturday 25th November and the Christmas lights will be switched on in Bawtry and Retford on Sunday 26th November.