Retford Remembrance Sunday 2018

by | 4 December 2018 | Community Focus, Retford

I came alone but I was not alone.
There were others like me, there were couples, there were families.
People of all ages from the very young to the extremely old.
Like tributaries of a mighty river they had come from all parts of our small town to flow as one into the Market Square. A wonderful place surrounded by mainly Georgian and Victorian buildings including our magnificent Town Hall. There are two lines of plane trees, acres of paving and the war memorial in the centre.
On this day it was quite warm, the skies were grey and rain threatened. Overhead a flock of birds flew hither and thither, perhaps disturbed by the crowd. I would like to have believed they were white doves but in reality I knew they were the resident pigeons.
It being Remembrance Day as well as the crowd there were clergy, representatives of the armed services and the great and the good in attendance.
The clergy preached and prayed.
The representatives of the armed services marched and stood and marched again.
The great and the good were well, great and good.
At 11.00am, it being the 11 hour of the 11th day of the 11th month we all stood in silence to remember those who had given their lives in a war that had come to an end at this moment 100 years previously.
A day to remember a lost generation that has our respect for their sacrifice.
As the clock struck 11 for a brief minute or two the sun came out and bathed the square in glorious sunshine.
Martin Hopkins