Retford Motor Show

by | 7 September 2017 | Community Event, Lions, Retford

There are so many considerations about buying a new car, so any help should be much appreciated. The Retford Motor Show, on Sunday 24th September, is an ideal opportunity to easily compare different models from the main manufacturers and ask some questions.

Buying a new car is usually the second biggest expenditure that we periodically undertake. The choice of vehicle is always problematic but much more difficult now as we face different factors and numerous alternative views.

New car sales have slipped recently partly due to uncertainty about what is best to buy. We now know that the days of pure diesel and petrol models are numbered. Strangely, cars have got physically bigger but engines have got smaller.

New technology and gadgets are rife and car disabling faults down the line are likely to stem from electronics rather than mechanical parts. Partial electric cars with plug in charging seem to be commonplace and as our desire to have cleaner air grows, further developments will surely come. Two of our nearby cities, Sheffield and Nottingham, are in the top ten of UK’s most air polluted streets and restrictions on older vehicular access look likely.

Most cars have driverless features now but how comfortable would we feel about cars completely driving themselves? What are the pros and cons of leasing rather than buying?

Located at Retford Cricket Ground, next to Morrisons, Retford Motor Show also has historic vehicles, live entertainment, food, drink and something for the whole family. Best of all, it’s completely free to come in, enjoy and perhaps learn a little. The show is presented by Retford Lions Club, raising money for Bluebell Wood Children’s Hospice. For more information call 01777 702224.