Local cervical cancer survivor continues her campaign to raise awareness

by | 7 November 2017 | Community Focus, Retford, Worksop

Local cervical cancer survivor Vicki Cristofis is continuing her campaign to raise awareness of cervical cancer smears by highlighting her recent news that she has to have Botox injections in her bladder. Botox injections help women with urinary incontinence, and Vicki has a weakened bladder due to her hysterectomy.

The procedure works because injecting the muscle-freezing toxin into the wall of the bladder can have a long-lasting impact on overactive bladder syndrome, a major cause of incontinence.

If Vicki had gone for her smear earlier than she did all of this may have been preventable.

She is urging all women to remember their smear test and think about the consequences of avoiding it. To raise further awareness she has a competition on her Facebook page to win a free makeover.

Her page can be found by searching ‘Vicki’s right to Fight’.