King Edward VI Grammar School (KEGS) re-union

by | 16 July 2017 | Community Event, Retford, Social Group

The oldest part of the Grammar School on London Road in Retford dates back to 1857, but it replaced an older school in Chapelgate established as early as the 12th and 13th centuries (source: ‘A History of King Edward VI Grammar School, Retford’ by AD Grounds).

Its history was pitted with controversy about the town’s use of the funds bequeathed for the school, and squabbles between teachers. Iron gutters betray later additions in 1926 (the ‘New Block’), in 1937 and numerous other new buildings added for war time evacuees, and new subjects. As recently as 1979 a new block was added, and facilities for the arrival of female students. In 1978, the year before the word Grammar was dropped from the school’s name, this panoramic school photograph was taken.

Were you a pupil or teacher of the school between 1977 and 1982?
Some 40 years later, a group of former pupils including Gerald Moss and David Patrick are organising a reunion! Mainly for people in the 1977 intake (now between 50 and 52), but they’d still like to hear from people slightly older, or younger, and with other connections, or memories to share. They have already reached 30 to 40 of about 90 pupils in forms 1X, 1Y or 1Z.

If you’d like to be involved, please sign up on the Facebook page at or email, even if you just have materials that might interest former pupils.
A dozen people have already expressed a definite interest, whose names you’ll recognise if you join the group. The group has got a date and venue in mind but because there is limited space please expect a modest deposit if you’d like to attend.

Please pass this information to friends between 50 and 52, who you know attended Retford Grammar School, as was, and more information will be shared on the website above. Looking forward to a great reunion!