Is Fairtrade in your shopping basket?

by | 17 November 2017 | Notice, Retford, Worksop

Many people in North Nottinghamshire already support Fairtrade, as Bassetlaw is a Fairtrade district. So, you will know that “Fairtrade fights for better rights for farmers and workers around the world. It guarantees a minimum price for workers and supports communities through a Fairtrade Premium to help empower groups of smallholders and invest in techniques and infrastructure that improve people’s prospects.”

But it’s worth reminding your friends and family to shop Fairtrade and consider making Fairtrade products available at work if you don’t already. There is also concern that some supermarkets are not stocking Fairtrade bananas. We need to be proactive in reminding these outlets that you won’t be buying bananas from them because they are not Fairtrade. You can remind the retailer that Fairtrade works with small-scale banana farmers and with workers employed on large banana plantations. There are currently 21,700 banana farmers and plantation workers participating in Fairtrade in 69 certified co-operatives and 54 certified plantations.

But don’t forget to look for other Fairtrade products and tell your local store that you want to see more Fairtrade products in their stores. Some new products include:

  • Ben and Jerry’s non-dairy Fairtrade certified ice cream in the UK! This means if you’re a non-dairy fan you needn’t look on in ice cream envy any longer! You can enjoy (delicious) ice cream that not only tastes good, but does good too. And it helps Pauline Ahi N’da one of cocoa farmers of the Coopaza and Capressa cooperatives in Cote D’Ivoire. She is a mother and has been a cocoa farmer for 10 years and this is her only way to get money. Fairtrade has ensured Pauline is paid a fair price.
  • Little Miracles Ice Tea. All ingredients are certified organic and Fairtrade packed with interesting ingredients like ginger, baobab and Mate from South Africa and South America. Replacing cane sugar with natural agave in all their ice-teas they have successfully combined perfect sweetness with cleaner taste.
  • Traidcraft has launched GEOBAR’s first ever organic and Fairtrade fruit and nut wholefood bar range, offering a delicious snack which also makes a difference to lives across the globe. Three exciting new flavours, Apple and Kale, Carrot and Ginger and Cocoa and Beetroot. They’re packed with Fairtrade dates, raisins, cashews and cocoa from Fairtrade farmers across the globe. Order from or a local Fairtrader. Traidcraft have an interesting new snack product, Geosticks – a crunchy chopstick made with Fairtrade rice and quinoa.

So, as you shop in the lead up to Christmas make sure some Fairtrade products are in your shopping basket and you will know you are helping farmers around the world get a fairer price.