Inner Wheel Club roll out the barrel!

by | 26 October 2017 | Local Charity, Retford, Social Group, Worksop

On Friday 1st September, the Inner Wheel Club of Retford held a Strawberry Tea to raise funds for a most worthwhile charity. The event was hosted in their garden, by local strawberry farmers, Marion and Alec Tasker of North Wheatley, who kindly provided the strawberries on the day. The idea was the work of our club’s international officer Carol Lawrenson, ably assisted by secretary Lesley Sumner.

The charity which had caught Carol’s attention was the Roll Out the Barrel Trust. The idea for this charity had started in 2001 when Adrian Brewster saw young children in Africa, carrying their weight in water on their heads, in dirty jerry cans, sometimes from a village pump, but more often long distances of as much as six miles. He began the trust in 2006, to help prevent problems with water collection, including infection and physical deformity in women and more often in young children and it finally reached recognised charitable status in 2012, after much effort on the part of many people. The idea is to simply provide pull along barrels which can hold 30 litres of water. These barrels save lives and cost £35.00 each.

At the event, Inner Wheel welcomed members from other clubs as far away as Matlock and Swadlincote and many more. The club raised over £600.00 for this very worthy charity. We take having clean water for granted. We just turn on the tap and out it pours, yet many people in under developed countries are not so lucky. You can find out about Roll Out the Barrel on its website should you wish to add your support. Water Aid is so important to so many.

The Inner Wheel Club of Retford will soon have its own website where you can follow members’ work and activities and find out about the charities they have supported over the last year including these local ones; Forget-Me-Nots, Chicks.