Gainsborough Snappers

by | 16 December 2023 | Hobbies, Retford

As a self-help group with a low attendance fee, the Gainsborough Snappers do not often have the luxury of visiting speakers – so it is quite an occasion when they do. Their November meeting featured one such special lecture.

The club was delighted to welcome John Whaler from Lincoln. John is a member of the Monochrome Photography Group in Lincoln, where he is known to a couple of members. He is a long-standing friend of the club who has judged competitions for many years.

This time he came to speak about his special interest in working in monochrome. This topic also encompasses infrared photography, which is something of an area for the committed photographer.

John began with a collection of infrared prints taken with a converted Nikon D200. They were black and white images and John explained that as infrared renders foliage, grass and vegetation white, it has the effect of separating the buildings and structures from anything green in the image. This gives a different look as in normal mono images the tones of grey and green are very similar.

He also showed a large collection of projected images taken on his iPhone using different apps to create different effects. Again, these were all black and white shots.
One of the apps, Hipstamatic, created a nostalgic, faded 1920s and 30s feel to the images.

The other main app he uses is called Tintype. The images taken with this only had a very narrow depth of field so created an out of focus background and foreground. This left a narrow plane of focus in the middle area, which suited certain types of photography such as portraits.

John explained that he would take the same photograph in three different apps and decide later which effect he preferred.

The next meeting takes place on Friday 1st December – another practical ‘Table Top’ session, this time with a Christmas theme. Everyone is asked to bring something to photograph which is suitable to set up on a table. Members have the chance to go round the tables and photograph anything which they like the look of.

There is no membership fee for the club – just go along and pay your attendance fee. If you like what you see, you can provide your email address to be included on the club circulation and be kept up-to-date with any news or events. Visitors are welcome at any time.

For more information visit Please check the website to make sure the group is not on a trip before you visit.