Free membership for 300th member at Retford Civic Society

by | 3 October 2018 | Notice, Retford

Have you seen the Sheep Fair mural in Spa Lane Retford? The Civic Society commissioned that. Have you visited any historic buildings on Retford Heritage Day? The Civic Society organises that every year. Have you got a copy of the Heritage Trail booklet? The Civic Society published that. Would you like to join Retford Civic Society. It is an award-winning, non-political, conservation and amenity group that cares about Retford. The society is growing all the time — it now has nearly 300 members.

It is offering free membership for the rest of 2018 and the whole of 2019 to the new member who is the 300th person to join. You can sign up by using a form included in the society’s leaflets which are available from Retford Library and The Hub, or by contacting the group at the email address below. Membership costs £12.00 for an individual member or £20.00 for a family.

Please call Pat Barnett, membership secretary, on 01777 704154 if you want any more information. You will receive a refund of your subscription if you are lucky enough to become the 300th member. You can email and see