Fairtrade and fairly traded

by | 28 November 2017 | Notice, Retford, Worksop

Fairtrade for Bassetlaw wish to apologise to Sainsbury’s supermarkets for wrongly stating that they no longer offer Fairtrade bananas in our editorial submission to October 2017’s Retford Life and Worksop Life. In fact, Sainsbury’s only stock Fairtrade bananas, have been doing so for several years and remain the biggest retailer of Fairtrade certified goods — they deserve praise for that!

But now, according to the Fairtrade Foundation, their ‘“own-brand Extra Strong, Green Tea, Red Label and Gold Label ranges of tea will no longer be Fairtrade certified. Though some of its premium range teas, including Taste the Difference and Organic, will continue as Fairtrade”, Sainsbury’s proposed changes to their supply chain “will affect 229,224 Fairtrade farmers and workers globally”. They will continue to commit to a minimum price but decision-making on price or investing in community projects will not be under the control of the producers. In contrast, the Fairtrade Premium gives a trusted income which allows them to plan business and farm investments, social programmes and more. Recent research shows that household poverty is significantly lower where Fairtrade crops are the main source of income (Fairtrade International, 2017).

So continue to purchase tea, coffee, bananas, or enjoying a bouquet of roses, and other Fairtrade products that carry the Fairtrade logo.