Chiff Chaffs at Idle Valley

by | 1 May 2017 | Retford, Wildlife

The latest sighting from Alison and Lee, the Retford residents who write regularly on their birding blog,, talk about sighting the first chiffchaff.

“It was fantastic when Alison said she’d heard the first chiffchaff a few weeks ago down at Idle Valley Nature Reserve. Since then we’ve been on a mission to see one. Lo and behold, the Sunday after, we heard one and followed the song, eventually catching sight and managing to get a few pictures. Mission accomplished.

“Late March usually brings the first ones to our local areas, but the mild weather seems to have brought these birds a little earlier this year. To get these pictures early in March is a great achievement for us! The pictures were taken in a local woodland area and around Idle Valley.

“The bird actually repeats its name, “chiffchaff chiffchaff” from high on a branch, often in willow trees. So if you’re out walking, listen out for the “chiffchaff chiffchaff” song and see if you can spot one to add to your list. We’re definitely chuffed with the chiffchaffs.”