Autumn in East Markham

by | 23 November 2017 | Community Event, Retford

The early Autumn events that took place in East Markham during September and October this year went extremely well, retaining their energy and popularity. The second Sunday of September is always the East Markham Village Show and the first Sunday of October is always East Markham Apple Day.

The central venue for both events is the village hall: for the Village Show, it is laid out with vegetables, flowers, fruit, crafts, photographic entries, bread, cakes, preserves and children’s competitions, and for Apple Day, the hall transforms into a busy market-place featuring local traders, crafts, charities and a cider bar.

The Village Show
“Village shows” stem from times when village communities were largely self-supporting and made and celebrated their own talents, specialisms and entertainment. Jump forward to 2017 and there’s a welter of changes and competing media interests — TV, cars, mobile phones, easy travel, foreign holidays, internet markets etc — so it’s a tribute to the voluntary work of the East Markham Gardeners’ Association that they maintain the tradition of the annual village show to exhibit current local skills and still receive hundreds of entries. Next year the Village Show will be on Sunday 9th September 2018.

Apple Day
The make-up of the village may have changed significantly over the decades but Apple Day encourages it to celebrate when it was a significant national apple and fruit-growing area. It does this by promoting its Heritage Orchard of more than 300 different varieties, accompanied by indoor and outdoor markets of related products, free entertainment and competitions. Visitors can pick their own apples and taste a range of apple-based dishes, ciders and juices produced in the village. It’s a testimony to the ingenuity of the editors of the annual Recipe Book that every year they manage to locate new savoury and sweet apple-based recipes which this year included two dozen new cake recipes plus a politely named ‘beverage’ that required one Bramley to a litre of gin! Apple Day attracts many hundreds of visitors from far and wide and all profits are donated to local charities. Next year East Markham Apple Day will be on Sunday 7th October 2018.