AI comes to Gainsborough Snappers

by | 2 October 2023 | Hobbies, Retford

At the meeting in September, Gainsborough Snappers members had their first opportunity to look at the club’s new computer. A new projector will be bought in the coming month, bringing the club’s equipment bang up to date and hopefully improving how their projected images appear on screen.

After two practical meetings, members showed images taken at both the Secret Garden at Louth and in the tabletop session the previous month.

Sessions when members talk about their work give less experienced members and those interested in new techniques the opportunity to learn. Dik Allison explained how he had used a ring flash to darken the backgrounds of his shots and concentrate attention on the subject.

The tabletop images generated some discussion about the challenges of working with the lighting conditions in the room trying to achieve the desired results.

Gerry Kemp had been unable to go along to either session so had brought some pictures of flowers taken at home along with some more creative images. The last of these provoked the most discussion of the entire afternoon. This was the day that AI really came to came to Snappers.

Gerry had been using AI in association with Photoshop to show a fellow member how it can be done. He had taken a daytime scene shot in the Potteries; replaced the bland sky with a sunset then added illumination to the streetlamps and surroundings, a moon, and, for good measure, a couple of foxes. The sky, the moon, and the foxes were all created by the AI. It was particularly impressive to see how it also added appropriate shadows.

The next meeting will be on 6th October when Gerry will be giving a talk. He has yet to confirm his precise topic, but it is guaranteed to be interesting, different and thought provoking. Anyone interested in joining Snappers is more than welcome to go along to the village hall at Beckingham for the event.

For more information visit Please check the website to make sure they are not on a trip before visiting.

Image: Potteries Reimagined, Gerry Kemp