A guide to the cost of living

by | 5 November 2022 | Local Charity, Retford, Support Group

A guide for Bassetlaw residents struggling with the cost of living crisis has been launched as a joint support initiative by Bassetlaw Community and Voluntary Service, Bassetlaw District Council and Bassetlaw Place Based Partnership.
They have created the booklet offering advice on money, mental health, families, food, clothing, energy, housing and domestic abuse.

The step has been taken to support local people and to ensure that everyone living in Bassetlaw knows what type of help and support is available to them.

The guide also includes links to budget and benefit calculators, and details of organisations offering free advice and help, alongside tips on local food support, savvy shopping and general financial advice.

The booklet has been a truly collaborative effort with input from a number of relevant organisations in Bassetlaw.

Rachel Wood, Head of Marketing and Communications for Bassetlaw Community and Voluntary Service, said: “This booklet is the perfect example of how partnership working can make such a positive difference to the lives of our local people.

“By working together with Bassetlaw District Council, Bassetlaw Place Based Partnership, Bassetlaw Citizen’s Advice, numerous mental health organisations and various other support services we have produced a very informative booklet ensuring everyone in Bassetlaw can access the support that is available to them in our area.

“We are discovering that many people are looking for help for the very first time and don’t know where to go. We hope that the booklet will make people realise that Bassetlaw is a very supportive place to live.”

The booklet is available as a digital e-book, PDF, a physical paper book and also as a plain text web page that can be translated into any language.

For all these options and to view the book please visit www.bcvs.org.uk/costofliving.

Direct link to digital book: https://bit.ly/col-bassetlaw.