Sturton Ward Neighbourhood Plan

by | 5 November 2019 | Notice

Little seems to have happened during the summer months with the Sturton Ward Neighbourhood Plan, but work has progressed ‘behind the scenes’. The Housing Needs assessment has been finalised and signed off. The Site Assessment report has also been completed by the AECOM consultants and signed off by Locality (the government department responsible). In addition, the third report commissioned from the AECOM consultants — Design Codes — has been written and this first draft is with the committee for their comment.

With these items in place, there is now the information needed in order to proceed with the (long awaited) public consultations. The dates for these consultations are:

  • North and South Wheatley — 6th November at the Village Hall, South Wheatley
  • Sturton le Steeple — 7th November at the Village Hall, Stuton le Steeple
  • North Leverton — Thursday 14th November at the Methodist Church, North Leverton

The venues will be open from 4.00pm to 8.00pm. Please go along and let the committee know your views about this Neighbourhood Plan.