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by | 5 October 2022 | Art, Gainsborough, Hobbies

The Arts Society Gainsborough and District’s September lecture was given by Christopher Garibaldi on ‘Italian Art and Architecture of the Risorgimento’.

This lecture examined a sometimes-overlooked area of Italian art, architecture and culture – the 19th century. Tracing the most important works of art and architecture and looking at the way in which they echoed the growing sense of national identity during the period before and through Italian unification.

It looked at particular artists such as Francesco Hayez, whose paintings embody a romantic medievalism and contain much hidden allusion to Italy’s growing national consciousness.

The lecture aimed in some small way to prove that the story of Italian art did not end with the Renaissance or the Baroque.

Upcoming lectures

  • 6th October: Charlie Forman – One Westminster, Six Royal Palaces
  • 3rd November: Shauna Isaac – How to Steal a Million
  • 1st December: Ghislaine Howard – The Cuisine of Art and the Art of Cuisine

Do you have an interest in the arts? Then furthering that interest and making new like-minded friends awaits when you join The Arts Society Gainsborough and District.

With a membership currently of around 150, they are now back to live meetings at the Trinity Arts Centre Gainsborough and they are keen to welcome new members.

The Society exists to promote interest in and knowledge of all matters both current and historic relating to decorative and fine arts including textiles, music, paintings, architecture, books and sculpture and to support education and heritage retention throughout Lincolnshire.

They meet on the first Thursday of every month, except January, July and August. These meetings start at 1.45pm and the lectures start at about 1.55pm. They are given by high calibre lecturers approved by The Arts Society, ending with question time and finish by 3.15pm.

Visitors are welcome to attend monthly lectures at a cost of £7.00 per person.

The Society also enjoys Study Days – an all-day event, usually including lunch, to give more detailed study of a specific subject. In addition, one-day outings and longer five-day trips at home and in Europe (when permitted) offer visits to places of artistic interest.

Finally, conservation and heritage training on both an area and a national basis is a vital part of the Society’s function open to anyone interested in enrolling.

Find out about joining from Membership Secretary Barnaby Heywood at or on 07779 023122.
Membership fees are £55 single and £105 for two adults resident at the same address.

Find out more about The Arts Society at or locally at