The Honeycutters come to Kirton in Lindsey

by | 12 August 2017 | Gainsborough, Music

“Their song writing is first class, their arrangements and musical ability are superb, with a front woman as assertive and impressive as singer Amanda Anne Platt, there is nothing lacking. The Honeycutters have everything covered” — Lee Zimmerman, No Depression Magazine.

The Honeycutters from Asheville, North Carolina, are Amanda Anne Platt (guitar, vocals), Rick Cooper (upright and electric bass), Josh Milligan (drums), Matt Smith (pedal steel and electric guitar) and Evan Martin (keyboards).
There is an empathetic and charming wit engrained in Amanda’s song writing. She is a master, not only does she find unusual metaphors, she creates cute wordplay and psychological meaning in her lyrics, but all of her songs are effortlessly conversational. She has a knack of accessing a deep well of emotion, whether she is writing from her own experiences or immersing herself into the melody of emotions in another person’s life. She also has an authorative and confident voice that can be sweet, aching and joyous, even across the same song.

Platt’s voice and the interplay of guitar and mandolin give The Honeycutters their unique sound that is an amalgam of Americana, bluegrass, folk and honky-tonk. It is a formula that has won them fans across America.

It was the release of their second album “My Oh My” in 2014 that launched The Honeycutters onto the national stage, bringing them an army of fans. It was an album that featured on many critics ‘Best of the Year’ lists.

It was followed in 2016 “On the Ropes” that contains twelve original songs that showcased Amanda’s dazzling song writing skills with themes of loss, loneliness, nostalgia and getting the crap kicked out of you by love. It gained five star reviews in the UK music press and led them to their first ever UK tour and Town Hall Live counts itself very fortunate and privileged to host this concert, because this band are going places.

Not only that, the band’s new album, Amanda Anne Platt and the Honeycutters, is released in the UK early August to coincide with the tour. It is superb.

Supporting The Honeycutters, will be Bridlington singer song writer Gracie Falls. In 2016 she won the UK Unsigned Song Writer of the Year Award. Gracie is confident, driven, down to earth and incredibly talented. Her music is poignant and her lyrics engaging. Her songs will linger in your mind long after they’re finished.

Advance tickets, £13.50 from One Stop (Kirton), Brian on 01652 649230, or