The Alley Cats community upcycling project

by | 4 October 2020 | Gainsborough, Local Charity

A Gainsborough charity is launching a new project to transform local alley ways into clean, friendly and social spaces where neighbours and children can come together and get to know one another. LEAP, a registered charity providing social housing with support to over 40 individuals in Gainsborough, is currently raising money to support its vision of creating safe and social spaces for people beyond the home in which they live and you can pledge your support at

The Alley Cats Project idea aims to engage families adversely affected by COVID-19 in creating clean, friendly and social outdoor alley ways by upcycling waste.

Their base, the HATS Community Hub (founded by LEAP in 2017) is based at the heart of Gainsborough’s South West Ward, a ward which finds itself in the top 4% of deprived areas in the UK.

The project will aim to engage local residents into organised activities and workshops, such as litter-picking and tidying up the alley ways before they engage with local artists to run outdoor art, crafting and upcycling workshops, creating decorative items out of waste materials to make the alley ways into cleaner, friendlier and more social spaces, valued, enjoyed and owned by local residents.

As well as aiming to restore community pride and ownership, they know from research that the increase of positive uses of the alley ways will help to discourage anti-social and criminal activities.

Encouraging Project Volunteering
The project will also help to identify community leaders and volunteers, who will be encouraged to form a Residents Participation Group and lead on the planning and delivery of further community-led projects so the ward improvement activities are maintained.