Riverside Indoor Bowls Club

by | 8 October 2021 | Gainsborough, Hobbies, Local Charity

Riverside Indoor Bowls (RIBs) continue with their aim to return indoor bowls to the Gainsborough district.
Now the summer outdoors season is ending, many bowlers would transfer to indoor bowling. The pandemic, with lockdowns and isolation, has shown us all just how vital social interaction and meeting friends is good for mental health and good wellbeing, and that is what indoor bowls provides in buckets!
If these players cannot travel a 20 to 30-mile round trip to other venues their fitness will decline, there will be no chance to play casually or competitively and meet up with friends for their physical and mental wellbeing, which is a word on everyone’s lips and in their minds these days. Those who only played indoor bowls in Gainsborough have not played for over two-and-a-half years and this may cause health problems, both physical and mental, which will arise from not having this option of keeping fit and meeting friends regularly several times a week.
Did you know RIBs is benefitting from the West Lindsey Lottery? It brings in a very handy sum of money weekly, and you could help make it even more. They have had an amazing number of winners already so if you are interested, please visit www.westlindseylottery.co.uk and search for Riverside Indoor Bowls or call West Lindsey District Council. It costs from only £4.34 a month.
RIBs have had a few tabletop sales at Chic and Shabby which have also been successful, and they are making plans for next year’s fundraising – all suggestions appreciated. Their recent Countryside Quiz made a great profit. So, a big thank you to all those who bought a quiz sheet. The winners are Bill Bryan £20.00, Alan Ryder £10.00, and Emma Stott £5.00. Congratulations to them for being great puzzlers!
Upcoming event
The charity are having their Social Evening, including a quiz and buffet, on Friday 26th November at the Blues Club. There will be free admission for loyal RIBs’ members. For non-members of the public who are interested in bowls, they’d like to invite you to go along and enjoy the fun at a cost of only £5.00 admission. However, if people are interested in indoor bowls and wish to join their membership list and pay the one off £5.00 membership, their admission for this event will also be free. Please call 01427 614682 or 01427 848128 or email social@ribs.org.uk to find out more. They do need to know the numbers of those who would like to attend for catering purposes. So please get in touch soon!
There will be a general knowledge quiz, with the usual small charge per team member, and there will be the exciting drawing of RIBs’ pre-Christmas raffle with some excellent prizes. If you would like to sell some raffle tickets for them, or are interested in buying some, please contact the above email, phone numbers, or contact a trustee. Raffle tickets will be on sale on the night.