Our community: stronger together

by | 4 October 2021 | Gainsborough, Local Charity

Over recent months it has become clear that when people and communities come together, they can support one another and take steps to making things that little bit better.
Back in May, people from the local community volunteered for a litter pick around the South West area of the town, followed by a well-deserved BBQ at the x-church. This happened again on 11th September, and they have become very hopeful that they will become regular events. Voluntary Centre Services was also excited to support the ‘World Café’ event in September.
As a Volunteer Centre, they are delighted to be involved in several projects which aim to benefit their local community – one long term one is the ‘Safer Streets’ project led by Barry. He said: “My role started in February this year and from very early on in the process it became apparent that if we were going to make a real and lasting difference in the Southwest Ward we must work together.
“Since then, we have formed a team representing the main organisations in the area and have started the process of asking ‘What do the people really need?’ Of course, we can’t answer that question without speaking to the residents. Alongside the events mentioned above, we now conduct regular walkabouts, which anyone is invited to. These enable us to talk to people and see any issues first hand. We are also planning several events in the lead up to Christmas, including a special event just for the Southwest Ward.
“There are however, a number of bigger issues affecting the ward, which will take longer to resolve. At this stage all we can do is let people know that we’re taking these issues seriously and will do everything we can to make progress. We genuinely aim to see a ‘safe and healthy community for all’. Why not get involved and help make a difference?”
If you are interested in finding out more please contact Barry Rooks, the Safer Streets Community Development Project Officer, at barry@voluntarycentreservices.org.uk or through their office number – 01427 613470.
The Volunteer Centre in Gainsborough remains closed at the current time, but all their staff are here for you whatever your need or enquiry may be. To contact any of them please visit www.voluntarycentreservices.org.uk, call 01427 613470 or email westlindsey@voluntarycentreservices.org.uk.