More people needing help with PIP, says Citizens Advice West Lindsey

by | 19 December 2017 | Citizens Advice, Gainsborough

PIP is a benefit that helps people to meet the extra costs of being disabled or having a long term health condition. For example, it allows them to employ a carer who can help them get washed and dressed in the mornings, or to have a mobility scooter so they can travel to work.

Most people who contacted the charity about PIP wanted help to:

  • Make a claim or check their eligibility
    Challenge the outcome of their assessment decision
    Take their appeal to tribunal

To receive PIP people must have an assessment to gauge the level of assistance they need, but flaws with the system can result in some people being wrongly assessed. Common problems with the assessment include confusion over what evidence to submit in advance, being rushed for time during the assessment and the wrong information being recorded by assessors.

In total, almost 20,000 people asked Citizens Advice Cymru for help with a PIP problem in the year ending March 2017 making it the most common advice issue for the charity.

Jenny Barnett Chief Executive of Citizens Advice West Lindsey said: “A wrong PIP assessment decision can lead to people missing out on the everyday support they need.

“The daily reality of living with a disability can often be overlooked during the PIP assessment so it’s important that people know they can try to overturn this decision by asking for a reconsideration or appealing their case at tribunal.

“Anyone who wants to make a PIP appeal, or has a more general query about the benefit, should contact Citizens Advice West Lindsey to understand their next steps.”

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