Inspiring activity

by | 15 November 2023 | Community facility, Gainsborough

Have you been inspired by the performances of our amazing athletes at Olympic Games? Into BMX and skateboarding?

Local resident Emma Lindley is part of a small group of parents on a mission to have a pump track built in Scotter.

Why do we need one?

Every parent is conscious of the amount of screen time their children are having, and wants to encourage youngsters to get outside more, exercise, and spend more time playing with their friends in the real world, instead of virtually.
Having a pumptrack would:

  • Give children and young people a place to congregate away from busy roads and houses
  • Provide opportunities for children to exercise while having fun with friends
  • Allow parents to get their children out on their bikes while being able to accompany them in a safe and friendly environment

You can help make this a reality for those children.

What is a Pumptrack?

A pumptrack is a circuit of rollers and banked turns and is designed to be ridden completely by riders ‘pumping’ – which involves generating momentum by up and down body movements – instead of pedalling.

Popular with mountain bike and BMX riders, they are also enjoyed by skateboarders and scooters and are accessible to wheelchairs, thanks to their concrete or asphalt surface.

There is nothing like this within a 20-mile radius, so it would be a fantastic addition to the local community! Emma and friends will be carrying out fundraising events over the coming months, so please keep an eye out and show them your support.

Find the group on Facebook at or email